The Kook House — Beachy, comfortable, and chic vibes will make you feel right at home.  

The Living Room

The Kitchen

The Bedrooms

Bedroom 1 - The Ripple / Located on the First Floor


This cozy bedroom has an airy feel, allowing for plenty of sunlight during the day. Often used as the den/office, this room features a desk, chair, and plenty of thinking space to get your work done. When you're not working or playing at the beach, this room also makes for the "perfect nap room".


Equipped with a Classic Twin-Sized bed and spacious storage beneath for your personal belongings. 

Sleep Capacity : One

Bedroom 2 - La Playa / Located on the Second Floor


Only steps away, literally right up the stairs! This is the first bedroom on the top floor, which also overlooks the beautiful backyard. One of my personal favorites, especially if you're too tired to walk to the next two rooms...


Equipped with a Queen sized bed for your comfort and starfish capabilities. Full closet to store your personal belongings or hang up your Hawaiian shirts.


Sleep Capacity : Two 

Bedroom 3 - The Boat Yard / Located on the Second Floor


Just up the steps, you'll find our nautical-styled room named after the block in which the house is located: "Thursby". This also happens to be the same block as the boat marina - Don't worry, we have a lifesaver hanging on the wall, just incase...


Equipped with yet another Queen-Sized bed that'll have you dreaming of rockaway all summer long. Rest up, its not easy to soak up the sun all day while on vacation...


Sleep Capacity : Two 


Bedroom Four - The Master / Located on the Second Floor


The Master is the largest bedroom in the house, faces the front of the house, and gets the most sun during the day.


The bedroom features a Large King-Sized bed as well as a daybed if you have an extra guest spending the night. There is also a Full length mirror along with a spacious closet to store your belongings.


Sleep Capacity : Three

The Bathrooms

Bathroom 1 - Half bathroom / Located on the First Floor

Bathroom 2 - Full Bathroom / Located on the Second Floor

 Bathroom 2 - Full Bathroom / Located on the Second Floor (Different Angle)